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Electronics and Computer Service

Uniontown, PA 15401
1(724) 438-4439

Fax 1(724) 510-3009

Service Coverage

Fayette, Washington, Westmoreland & Greene County

Northern West Virginia, Northern Maryland and
Southeast Ohio


On Site Service

EXICOMM brings service to you.

When a problem develops with your computer hardware, network, television, sound system, home theater system,or video surveillance, EXICOMM is ready to serve you.

The service center is located in Uniontown, PA. From the service center, we dispatch a technician to serve you on-site. EXICOMM also can arrange for UPS pickup at no charge if you are located outside of our normal service coverage area.

Custom Builds

From Desktop PC’s to File Servers

Customizing a PC requires special attention to key areas like your video card, CPU and memory. Our experts help configure and provide all the information you need to make a great PC!  No mater what the need, Gaming, office tasks or education.

Enterprise Level Services

Like our custom builds, we satisfy the needs of organizations. Organizations can vary from businesses, schools, interest-based user groupsclubs, retailers, or governments.  Enterprise networking is an integral part of any medium to large business.

From File Servers to Data Protection & Recovery.

Emergence Services

We have a 24 Hour answering service, email and cellular communications. EXICOMM is never out of reach when you need us.  Naturally this comes with a higher cost but if you need us at 3am following a Penguins game we are ready to go.

"What do you mean it is going to cost that much, it is only 5 years old. So, I called EXICOMM and they were very reasonable. It was better to repair than to replace my TV. I saved money and my 5 year old TV is going to last a little while longer."

− Tiffany Gordan - Cost concered customer

"Why should I have to pay, the factory is supposed to warranty it for more than 3 years? Exicomm explained factory and extended warranty to me. I was able to get my TV serviced under an extended warranty plan that I didn't even know I had. Thanks EXICOMM!"

− Terri Ming - Confused customer

"Exicomm can take care of all our electronic needs. From computers to televisions, to sound systems and home theater. I don't have to call different companies for different products, EXICOMM was there to help."

− Anthony - Co Owner of Rusty Tent LLC

"How long is it going to take, the Steelers are on this weekend. When the game was on the line, EXICOMM was there to go the extra yards and score a touchdown for me. I didn't miss the game, Exicomm saved the big game."

− Dom Jordan - Steelers Fan

"Exicomm takes their work seriously, they are very professional."

− Jessica Skittles - Happy Customer

"Can I pick up the TV today and pay you first of the month? EXICOMM has many options for paying for a repair. They helped me get my TV and arrange for payment. "

− Jimmy Rud - running short

The most responsive company to consumer and business clients by providing superior electronic technology solutions.

Home Theater

EXICOMM service all makes and models of 3D, Direct view and projection televisions. From Plasma, LED, LCD, DLP, and even CRT technology. EXICOMM can take care of factory warranty, extended warranty and COD calls. Along with you TV, we can take care of the sound system as well. If you just purchased you TV and did not get an extended warranty, we offer this for all products up to a year after the purchase.

Home and Business Video Surveillance

Protecting your business as well as your home is important today. We offer solutions for video surveillance with remote monitoring and viewing. Color and night vision cameras with DVR recording.

Business and Home Audio

Sound systems for back round music. Whole house sound, intercom communication, PA systems or sound delivery for auditoriums and stadiums. We offer solutions of existing systems, to new deployments.

Data Recovery and backup

When the hard drive quits and all of your documents and pictures seem lost, we have a solution to recover all the presumed lost files.

Even before the drive quits, we have solutions for data backup of both onsite and offsite services. Prevent the disaster before it happens.

Hardware solutions

From break fix situations to upgrades, we can provide solutions in computer hardware. If the network goes down, give us call to bring you back on line quickly with minimal down time.

Virus Removal

If a virus corrupts your computer or you are spamed, before the data is lost, give us call to provide solutions to getting rid of this annoying factor of computer use today. A virus or Spam can quickly bring your business to a stand still. We offer virus and spam protection for home PC’s, office PC’s, laptops and file servers.